Casting Shadows – Pain Signature


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Sung awake by the whining winds, the dozy noop drags himself from his damp sheets, curious to steal a glimpse of the hazy morning light. It’s been a while since cold and darkness began to take over his innocent life. He can hardly feel his frozen body and his head hurts as he tries to wipe away the remains of his nightmares.

He marches up a winding mountain path with his ever present shadow, nism, almost invisibly trawling behind. A howling wind blasts against their bodies as they trudge barefoot through the cold mud. The outlook is murky, the smooth days are no more.

With blood drowning out the noop’s mouth, and his falling paw! kite stained with spatter. The tiny tentacle feet of nism are stepping into a puddle of blood.

The ill-fated pair comes sheltered in soft black sponge, and packaged in a smooth matte-black box. Sheathed in a casting shadows sleeve complete with interactive pop ups – a nism teeth shield "love ends" and a noop pain gate "time to harvest", waiting for you to test the balance of their drastic detachment.

Every order contains two vinyl figures--the melancholic noop and the indifferent nism--as well as one fabric paw! kite rising 14'', and a set of c-o-a-r-s-e leaves.

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