Casting Shadows
[Pain Signature]


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Sung awake by the whining winds, noop drags himself from his damp sheets, curious to steal a glimpse of the hazy morning light.
The outlook is murky, the smooth days are no more.

With blood drowning out the noop’s mouth, and his paw! kite splattered with pain, noop longs for a past he can never return to. Even as nism sits beside him ready to become his friend, noop dreams only of the past.

Casting Shadows – Pain Signature includes:

– one despondent noop
– one tentacled nism
– one fabric paw! kite rising 14'', reminding noop of his past
– six c-o-a-r-s-e leaves
– colorprinted gift-box with interactive pull-tab to reveal nism's hunger and noop's pain.

Yesterday's memories always cast the darkest shadows.

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