Catch Me When I Fall
[chapter three]

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Goodbye doesn't mean it's over.

After nearly a year of designing, engineering, and sculpting in our LA studio, we are thrilled to present Catch Me When I Fall, a 40’’ tall [100 cm] ceiling-mounted vinyl mobile sculpture.

This piece tells the story of two people who can no longer be together. In their parallel solitude they spiral toward a life without each other, realizing a moment too late how deeply they regret saying goodbye. As their fingers nearly touch, each dreams of the other, wondering if there is still time to be saved from the loneliness that awaits them down below.

Each order contains six monochrome vinyl sculptures (3 her / 3 him) that are 10’’ - 12’’ in length, with classic coarse blood drips representing the hardships they have endured along the way. A powder-coated metal hanging construction and adjustable ceiling mount are included so you can display this yearning pair and cast their shadows on your walls.

There is always time to land as if we never fell at all.

Edition of 150.

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