paw!'s cure for sorrow



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Even the toughest souls have a sweet side.

As we grow older, our monsters don’t frighten us the way they used to. We realize that dark times always pass, and that between every layer of hardship are moments of pure joy.

Meltdown – Guilty Pleasure [paw!’s cure for sorrow] is an explosively sweet celebration of the bliss waiting to be discovered amid the depths of sadness inside us all. The 18’’ vinyl sculpture is a spectacle of mochi cubes, candy loops, and rainbow sprinkles, transforming the ruthless paw! into a sugar-coated treat.

Each order contains one 18’’ paw! bust baked in a spectrum of blue and pink dough, drenched in blueberry and paw!nana syrups, and crowned with a juicy red cherry. This final edition is in stock and shipping now and is your last chance to add a mouthwatering paw! to your collection before he disappears from our menu forever.

Indulge in life’s good moments. They’re closer than you think.

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