guilty pleasure
[paw!'s midnight snack]


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Even the toughest souls have a sweet side.

Meltdown – Guilty Pleasure depicts the iconic paw! as a quadruple-layer cake stuffed with syrups and creams that must be eaten quickly before they melt away. The past year has been a time of reflection and contemplation for paw!, and in the process he has discovered another side of himself. Even though his tough exterior remains the same, inside he has become softer and kinder. His newfound tenderness is bursting out of him, and he can’t contain it any longer.

Each sculpture includes one 18’’ vinyl paw! bust smothered in cream fillings. The baker has drizzled a spectacle of mochi cubes, candy loops, and rainbow sprinkles all over, turning paw! into a sugar-coated treat. One perfectly round cherry rests atop paw!’s head to remind eaters that even though paw! might be the most merciless creatures on his home planet of the Elastomer, there is no need to be afraid of him anymore.

Every order includes one Family and Friends Application card, and each paw!berry cake will arrive inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge.

Our pleasures shouldn't make us feel guilty. Grab a fork, take a slice, and indulge. 

Edition of 349.

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