souls gone mad - complete signature set [Ignited]


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The light is alluring.
The light is entrancing.
Fever sees it at the edge of the forest and cannot help but move towards it. He thinks it will aid in his escape, but the omens have other plans for the intruder.

As Fever wakes into a dream, he tumbles into a world where good omens and bad omens guide the way. These owls have never seen anyone like Fever, and as they light his way through his dark world, Fever wishes he could wake up. But as the dream unfolds into a nightmare, Fever has no choice but trust the omens, not knowing what they forbode.

Each order includes three glow-in-the-dark omens, one c-o-a-r-s-e die for Fever to test his luck in this new world, and a pair of fabric pyjamas.


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