Years Adrift – Bundle [Pain / Pain Master]


Years Adrift – Pain and Pain [Master Edition]
[Available while supplies last]

This bundle includes two sculptures:
– Years Adrift – Pain
– Years Adrift – Pain [Master Edition].

The F&F Pain [Master Edition] includes:
– Screen-printed wooden box
– Unique blood drip design
– Canvas sketch

The vinyl replica of Years Adrift [18”] is a an ode to those of us who have ever strayed off a path, spent our lives on a ledge, and had trouble finding our way home. The sculpture pauses time, capturing the moment before Fever takes one step forward or one step back, before he falls or flies. 

Every order of Years Adrift contains one lifeless goose, a despondent Fever, and one white ledge for him to stand upon as he contemplates his future. The piece comes securely packed inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge. Each set includes one Family and Friends Application card.