You Used To Be My Light



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noop can’t take it anymore: A tumultuous friendship, never-ending rainfall, a storm that only gets stronger.

False Friends – You Used To Be My Light is an 18’’ glow-in-the-dark, gravity-defying sculpture about the impossibility of letting go of someone even when the forecast shows a lifetime of misery ahead. This GID edition is limited to 234 pieces and offers hope for noop, giving him a way out of his own thoughts and memories, which swirl around him like a typhoon.

Each order comes with a night-black paw! with glow-in-the-dark accents, his menacing raincloud illuminating the darkness, and a melancholic noop braving the storm. Wet from the rain, a mix of colors rush down noop’s face and chest. A removable double-stitched raincoat with functioning zippers, drawstrings, and a rear air vent keeps noop safe and dry. A ladder reinforced with magnets ensures paw!’s safety as he stands on his toes, looming over his long-lost companion.

Every set includes one Family and Friends Application card. noop and paw! will arrive inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge to keep them both dry from the rain.

What you fear can set you free. Let the lightning guide you.

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