Kastura and Shiver Bundle
[coarse x Amanda Visell]


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This Amanda Visell design sculpted and brought to life by coarse finds a young stump trying to survive as children chop down the trees around him and reduce them all to firewood. The stump attempts to outrun the axes, but the children's laughter is never too far off, and as the forest begins to disappear, ZigZag has fewer and fewer places to hide. 

Standing 4.5'' [approx. 11.5 cm] tall, each hand-painted set includes one frightened stump, one proud child, a removabale axe, one chunk of wood ZigZag has already lost, and a stand for the child’s feet. ZigZag will arrive hiding silently in black sponge and in a colour-printed gift box, which includes one coarse Family & Friends code card.

Each order contains one full set of ZigZag – Katsura and one full set of ZigZag – Shiver.

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