you might ask yourself:

What is this place? exclusively offers creations by Mark Landwehr, Sven Waschk [coarse] and collaboration artists. For more details and information about coarse please visit us at

Where can i find an overview of coarse's body of work?

Visit the collection at or a detailed look at our history.

Why does coarse have two websites?

We don't want you to experience our art with an "add to cart" icon in the corner of every page. retail should only be in mind during the actual process of an exchange, and we have reserved that process for

If this is the place to buy from you, why don't i see anything for sale?

All our figures come in limited editions and the doors to our shop only open when we have new releases. If you are interested in collecting our work, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter. There you will receive updates about upcoming releases and release times. 

There is a figure I like on the gone page. is it available?

Figures on the gone page are awaiting shipment. This means they are in production and unavailable. 

When will my order be shipped to me?

Please find the figure you are inquiring about on the gone page for estimated shipping times. We estimate shipping dates by calendar seasons and try our best to ship in that timeframe. Sometimes it does take us a bit longer, and we do our best to notify our collectors about any delays, but you can always feel free to check in with us by contacting our customer service team.

How can i get a refund for my order?

We grant refunds as long as a sale is ongoing. After this period, all sales are final. 

Where did noop meet nism?

They first met on a lonely beach in the elastomer.

My figure arrived damaged – what now?

Please send photos of the damage to our customer service team at We want our collectors to be happy, and in most cases we will replace the figure free of charge.

Is there a way for me to see my order history?

Yes. Click the customer icon in the top left corner of the sidebar and you will see a list of your orders and other account information.

Is there a way for me to see my orders at your old store

Yes. you can reach our old store at Login with your old credentials to access your history.

How do i change my address?

On your account page, there is an option for you to edit your address. If you change your address before your order has been shipped, we will ship to your new address.