Buried Passion
Her Fallen Hopes
[chapter one]

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Tomorrow always comes.

Life isn’t always the easy path we want it to be. The straight road curves upward. The things that once gave us meaning seem to drag us down. What we wished for doesn’t come true, but still we keep wishing.

Buried Passion – Her Fallen Hopes [Edition of 345] depicts Ruth caught in an uphill battle with herself, weighed down by everything that used to lift her up. As her hill gets steeper and her doubts get stronger, she takes slow and heavy steps toward a summit she may never reach, refusing to let go of the things that make her who she is.

The sculpture is 17'' in length and includes Ruth grasping onto the strings of four signature coarse balloons. An inclined white base makes her road even more challenging. It might be a difficult climb right now, but one day she will marvel at just how far she has come.

Every order includes one Family and Friends Application card.

Our passions don't have to dissolve within us. Hold onto what you love.

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