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[coarse x Restaurant Tim Raue]


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Germany's best restaurant joins us for dessert.

In celebration of our friend Tim Raue’s #31 spot on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, we are thrilled to announce Meltdown – coarse x Restaurant Tim Raue [noop’s False Paradise].

Tim grew up in West Germany in the shadows of the Berlin Wall, and when we last saw him he spoke about his disdain for the DDR's sad, gray spirit. In contrast, he is drawn to bold colors and rebellious personalities, and in collaborating on this edition we wanted to create a vibrant and dynamic Meltdown that East Germany would have tried to censor. Designed to blend in with Restaurant Tim Raue’s sophisticated, urban ambience, the explosion of colors in this edition reflects the passion in Tim’s renowned dishes. Tim's cooking and our sculpting are always striving for precision and impeccable attention to detail, and we are honored to have collaborated on this sculpture with him.

Tim Raue is a two-star Michelin chef you may have seen on Netflix’s Chef’s Table where he is the only German chef to have been featured. Meltdown – coarse x Restaurant Tim Raue [noop's false paradise] will be exclusively available at and to guests of Restaurant Tim Raue.

Each 16" [41 cm] life-size bust comes with a split-open noop packed with scoops of mouthwatering fruit sorbets and syrups, trails of cloud-white whipped cream, a dash of rainbow sprinkles, one juicy cherry, and a banana-yellow “c-o-a-r-s-e” spoon firmly secured into the delectable cranial dessert. The figure comes securely packed inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge.

Our pleasures shouldn't make us feel guilty. Grab a spoon, take a scoop, and indulge.  

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