Harvest – A Still Life. [Pain / Abundance Bowl]



[Limited to 345 pieces]

Peel yourself open. 
Swallow your fears
It’s time to eat your past.

Harvest – A still life. [18'' / 45cm] is an homage to iconic still life paintings and is our most complex vinyl sculpture to date. The set depicts noop and paw! as they look back on their lives and all the versions of themselves they once were. The annual harvest will soon take noop away to an unknown fate, and he clings to his memories in one final wave of nostalgia before leaving his home forever.

Each Abundance Bowl contains 16 vinyl sculptures and one fruit bowl. This serving size includes:

1 vinyl bowl, embossed with tentacles
1 despondent noop
1 repentant paw!
1 feisty Locks grape bunch
1 c-o-a-r-s-e leaf branch
3 nutty noo[p]ods
2 sprouting acor[n]oops
1 fetal oop
3 spiky !s
2 hatching w!s
1 aw! sprouting ears and limbs

Sculptures come securely packed inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge. Each set includes one Family and Friends Application card.

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The rhythm of the seasons is an illusion. Each year's harvest is a crop of new souls.

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