Sleepless Nights – Kachapati 3-Set

Kachapati 3-Set [One 9'' sculpture and two 4'' sculptures]

Sleepless Nights Bundle [Because I Wanted You To Know and Secret Sauce]

Available while supplies last.


First released at Thailand Toy Expo earlier this year, these three editions of Kachapati have never been offered anywhere else. Very limited quantities are available with the Sleepless Nights bundle.

Go back to bed before your thoughts eat you alive.

Sleepless Nights is an ode to the worries and cravings that only seem to find us after midnight, those unrelenting thoughts made even more intense by darkness and solitude. As paw! tosses and turns he revisits all the smiles and lies he ever exchanged with noop, imagining all the better paths their friendship could have taken. noop, unaware of the sadness within paw!, sleeps soundly through the night.

Each order comes with noop and paw! tucked cozily into sesame buns packed with pickles and cheese cubes and squirted with a mysterious sauce. The set arrives in a premium color-printed gift box and can be displayed hanging on a wall or face-up on a flat surface. Wall-mounting hardware is included.

Whether you stay awake or fall asleep, morning will wash away the anxieties of the night. So find a way through the darkness.

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